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Products & Services


Cabinets for your kitchen, bathrooms, and other rooms throughout your home, including closets and garage.  There are two main construction methods:


Frameless Construction – Cabinet boxes are constructed without a solid wood frame on their faces. If needed, an edgebanding material is applied to the exposed edges of the box faces, and cabinet doors and drawer fronts usually cover the cabinet box completely (Full Overlay Doors).  Reveals of 1/8” between cabinet doors/drawer fronts are most common.


Face Frame Construction – Cabinet boxes have a solid wood frame attached to their faces.  Cabinet doors/drawer fronts can be sit flush within the face frame so that the frame is visible (Inset Doors), or they can sit on the frame to partially cover it (Half Overlay or Partial Overlay Doors).  When doors are inset and face frame is visible, the frame can also have a “beaded” detail added to the inside edges.


Since all of our cabinets are custom made, we can combine these methods within the design for a truly unique look.



Cabinet Accessories

When planning your kitchen or other cabinets, don’t forget to consider the accessories.  Here is only a sampling of items available:

  • Wood or Butcher Block Tops
  • Lazy Susans/Corner Storage Systems
  • Pull-Out Pantry Systems
  • Pull-Out Trash Drawers
  • Pull-Out Trays behind Doors (for easier access to stored items)
  • Wine Storage
  • Spice Trays
  • Cutlery Trays/Inserts
  • Tray Dividers

Visit these websites for more product ideas:  Hafele Hardware at www.hafele.com/us

and Rev-A-Shelf at www.rev-a-shelf.com.



Cabinet Doors

When we build cabinets, we also make our own cabinet doors.  You can choose from a large selection of styles that we offer.  We can also match the detail on existing doors you may have, or if needed we can order from one of several cabinet door manufacturers.  There are several different door styles available:


Frame and Panel Doors (Also referred to as 5-piece doors) – When working with 5-piece doors, options are available for the outside edge detail, inside edge detail, and the center panel.  A basic 5-piece door without outside or inside edge details and with a flat “recessed” center panel is commonly referred to as a “Shaker” style door.  When the center panel has a profile detail, it is called a “raised panel.”


Slab Doors – Constructed out of a single piece of material, they can be flat with no edge detail, or they may have applied mouldings or outside edge details.


Specialty Doors – Aluminum frame doors with glass inserts are available.



Interior and Entry Doors

All doors are custom made.  Square or arched tops, carved or appliqué details  we can fabricate a door to compliment your home’s style.



Custom Woodworks

We also fabricate custom fireplace mantels, wainscoting wall panels, coffered ceilings, and we can provide crown moulding, base moulding, and door and window casing.



Commercial Work

Cabinets, shelves, reception area counters, and more for offices.


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